Monday, March 2, 2009

Ten questions for AR Rahman

1) There is a story going around that you were thrown out of your school. If that is true, how could you keep your mouth shut through this ? (Kindly read YGP's comments)

2) Why o Why did you have to begin your oscar acceptance speech with that 'joke' which left the audience shell shocked ? (Instead you could have said "thank you for providing me the 'Keys' which will open the door to hollywood." Atleast I would have laughed at it.)

3) How could you let Silambarasan touch those little goldies and rob them of whatever little significance they have?

4) Why so much respect for an award which has as a nominee for best film, Rab Ne.. "I have won an Oscar but Filmfare is Asia’s biggest award function so I am here." , when you could have so easily said , "Boss, listen, such functions are an absolute mockery of film awards". (But then you could have so easily said the same at the Oscars, and didn't.)

5)Why did you not slap a defamation law suit against those bleddy Americans who called you a Rack Man and changed your name from A R Rahman to A J Rahman? ( Though by letting one's imagination run a little, A J can be expanded as Allah Jesus, thereby promoting the message of peace that you hold so dear)

6) What is your fascination with using so many layers in your music? (Almost like saying : Layers, No song can have just one.)

7) For an individual who's otherwise so modest, why so much love for your music that you often let it drown the lyrics in a song? (Have listened to New york nagaram some 30 times and am yet to figure out the lyrics)

8) When was the last time you gave us a memorable Tamizh album? (as a small side question, when will you next?)

9) What , according to you, makes you the great genius you are? (A R Rahman fans appeasement question)

10) Do you have any questions for us?


Susa said...

lol, "touch his goldies"? sounds very shady.. :)

srikanth said...

from don's blog

"clarification..i am by no means demeaning ar rahman or his achievement.. just trying to bring people back to the earth.. we've seen this kid grow into the genius he is right before our eyes.. we know how great he is.. why all this fuss that some arbit people stumbled upon his talent now.. taking pride is one thing, but taking credit is what seems to be happening..

and regarding subash ghai thank you .. point is simple.. would the same song be so talked about if he had used it for that dud.. i am sure the quality has to and goes beyond the picturization.."

clarification... I was pointing out that you were spot on there about the quality issue. Sorry if I was unclear. And I'm sure AR is going to grow more fans when Tarantino decides to use some of his hitherto underrated desi tracks in his forth coming films...

If I may rudely have a one on one with these questions:

1. Lesser said the better.
2. Odd moment really. Americans perhaps don't know what a fearful and lifelong thing marriage is...
3.No, I'm not going to say this is his only chance of seeing the award.
Burn him!!!!
4. Of course, one has to be the calmest in moments of such glory and this is precisely that (BTW, the filmfare is pretty revered.)
5.They better learn that quickly. They will be saying more of that name.
6. Raasathi....
7. question of subjectivity and for me, one of objectivity - Sakkarakatti.
8. Connections album should come out soon...
9. This question is already answered in Tamil at the Kodak Theatre.
10.I second the question.

Dilip Kumar said...

Answers :
1. P.S.B.B is an awesome school with some more than awesome products - i deserved to be thrown out

2. I wanted to prove that I actually know hindi and don't just write my hindi lyrics in tamil while singing.

3. He said he was acting in Aascar Ravichandran's movie

4. The filmfare statuette is a hot female - unlike uncle oscar

5. You know the great musician in Backstreet Boys called A.J ? I was flattered

6. Good One. More the layers, the more sophisticated you sound.

7. Only in the hope that dimwits wouldn't analyse the songs this much. Don't try too hard, there are no lyrics there.

8. Patience..

9. My schooling ..till 9th std :)

10.You jobless?

PS: Sorry I haven't changed my blogger ID after conversion

Hariharan said...


what perverted thoughts you get.. chi chi..


i'd not be lying if i told you some of my intent of writing this post was to hear your defense.. lol

anyways.. regards rasathi.. its once in a generation number.. and maybe that's why we have been waiting for more than a generation for something similar..

Mr. Double Oscar Winner Dilip Kumar..

Your sense of humor seems to have improved a tad since that fateful day. Talking about PSBB products would you happen to know this guy?