Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stray Wonderings : Part III

Wonder what Mrs. Singh had to say about this one. Seems like the stomach is not the only way to get to the man's heart.

While most human's can not possibly overcome the loss of one partner, here's someone who's gone through four times the anguish and still come out on top.

Subsidises what? Subsidises! What!?

This is what i'd term a 'classic' reference.

If only our economy was as resplendent as this home page of a leading daily wants us to believe.

Text only:

If I had the power to make one single law I'd use it to ban the reckless concatenation of "sation/zation (pronounced : say/zay shun)" to every imaginable word. Hearing Prannoy Roy saying "extremetisation" was the final straw. We have had enough of it I say, from globalization to talibanisation and TN Seshan to alsatian.

Our honorable home minister P Chidambaram to the even more honorable Barkha Dutt yesterday following the Lahore attacks , answering a query on Pakistan paying the price for covertly abetting terrorism : "we all know what happens when we ride the tiger". Yes Mr Home Minister, we most certainly know what happens when we ride THE tiger.


srikanth said...

Dei... what were you doing in a Silapathikaaram page? is the pic's title a reference to THAT?

And the last pic I believe is a result of your typo in the URL?

And the spare the poor Lankan Lions. They already had enough trouble from monkeys and tigers ...

S Balaji Srinivasan said...

dei kutti why did u search for silapathikaaram on Wiki?? ilakiya aarvama?
nice post, some were really funny.

Sonal Jhuj said...

"We have had enough of it I say, from globalization to talibanisation and TN Seshan to alsatian."


The Mudd said...

good one da kutty... tn seshan and alsation was should name his son sen

Hariharan said...

srikanth & balaji

pazhamozhi ya rasikanum .. aaraya koodadu.. adhe maadri daan inda pudhu mozhi.. ipaadi sumathadeer veen pazhi.. (and for the heck of it) en vazhi thani vazhi..


'hearing' all those words together causes a numbing sen (wait for it) sation..


the inevitable pj..

Watz said...

Rajni, Kamal, yaarayum vittu vekkala... ellarayum kevala paduthiyaachu.. on top of that Silapathikaaram veram... Katradhu Tamizh influence??

Some of them were nice. Mudd had to attempt a PJ because you cracked one just like him.

Hariharan said...


If not for our usage, what for have our 'thalivars' used such lines. All part of the game. :)

And edho aaruvathula I went off to that page. Thapa pochu.