Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror struck.

9/11.. 7/11.. 26/11 ..

The calendar is getting crowded with such dates of disaster.

Yet another terrorist attack. There is a certain numbness which seems to be setting in. No, not dumbness. That's more for the likes of Shivraj Patil.

The symbol of Indian pride. This was Jamshedji's message to the British,a century before Ganguly could say "f*** you* standing on the Lords Balcony. If ever there was any building which could carry the name of Taj without any dishonor to the original monument, it was this. The symbolism is tough to miss. A group of youngster with their tops already blown blowing off the top of this magnificent icon.

Foreign interest in this is apparently very high. Can we blame them? Not often are their citizens blown to smithereens. The 1000s of Indians dead before this count for nothing to them. The 10 of theirs here do. Kashmir is to them nothing but a blur on the map and the only interest for them is the colour to give it on the maps they publish it. Oh.. Did I forget the highly sought after Kashmir shawls?

The terrorists.

What next? 18 year olds wearing MegaDeath T-shirts?


In a couple of days there will be many many stories of courage, of heroic acts in the face of death. My salutations to all those who have staked their life and those who have laid down theirs in order to rescue the rest. May your souls rest in peace.

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Manish Krishnan said...

"A group of youngster with their tops already blown blowing off the top of this magnificent icon. " .. aaha. And touched the heart eh. BTW do u realise the 9/11 and 7/11 are in m/dd format?

S Balaji Srinivasan said...

As Manish has said, it was September 11!!!
Very chilling indeed, but as you said "a certain numbness" is setting in.
I would have liked the media to have behaved in more restrained and responsible manner.

Watz said...

i can sense the anger in the post!! one common to all of us... sitting in the US i can relate to the point about the "10s of their lives". so true.. at first i was thinking- and CNN made it look that way- as though only americans n british were the target. these MOFOs never spoke abt the ATF chief or the Major who was killed in the attack! when i heard the death toll was 170 odd n only 8 of those were foreigners i was furious at how these ppl reacted. but then it also provoked another thought. do we take lives lightly?? and forget too easily??

Hariharan Sriram said...

mudd and balaji..

my answer lies in the way the media themselves have been calling this day.. guess for some reason 11 will be stuck in the second column always..


its not just anger, its frustration and disgust..

RR said...

its megadeth

Tamizhmarai said...

Yes, the media went berserk! One could contrast the sober reporting of The Hindu with the shrill and sensationalist coverage of TOI. But then isnt that people have come to want these days?