Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stray Wonderings Part II

The following pictures(print screen + paste into paint + add image into blogger) are self explanatory. In other words, I am out of stuff to say and have resolved to such cheap tactics to keep my blog going. Of course, I can claim that this blog has links to videos of actress in bathroom fitting showrooms. But then it is one of the oldest tricks in the blog world and therefore should have been avoided.

So here goes.

The following picture might not make sense to non-tamizh readers. What has been highlighted reads "En kanaku" which is a transliteration of My Accounts. Nothing wrong with that but usually in Tamizh(the chennai variety), kanakku refers to business, the murder kind. "Kananka theekardu" which should mean ""closing the accounts" means to "to finish a person off".

And ya, Gaptun is back. Bigger (!), better and looking smarter than ever.

[Image Courtesy Indiaglitz ]

I leave you with a quote from MS Dhoni. "Reverse swing is crucial when the new ball does not do much for the fast bowlers to come back and make an impact in the game. It has been important right through the series. We have maintained the ball well and have done it (reversing) consistently. In Delhi it did not happen much because there was some grass on the wicket and in the outfield".


S Balaji Srinivasan said...

dei whats going on in office???
anyways, dhoni's comment was awesome!! lol

srikanth said...

Enna kutty, only Business news tabs are open?

ANd what is gap10 this time? Karuppu Beethoven?

Watz said...

dei... jus the dhoni comment cud have been a topic of discussion da... damn funny.. yet an important point to note. :)

and ya.. this is cheap tactics...

Hariharan Sriram said...


Guess after the Aussie series Dhoni will be referred to the man who could do no wrong and say no wrong (almost)


i know, i know, i know.......


for more check out mariyadhai stills at u'll be pleasantly surprised.. ;)