Friday, September 5, 2008

Futurisk Trading Limited

Futurisk Trading Limited ,as a part of the name suggests, will deal with Futures Trading and as the other part reveals, will be a high risk venture. What is so significant about that, some may ask, as all futures trading is high risk. What makes this more riskier than even oil trading is that this deals with MPs of our country. (For some strange reason, deals and our MPs can never be too far away,even in a simple sentence.)

This idea stuck me after watching the stocks ("rates") of our MPs move to never before seen high of 25 crores before plummeting down to a stupefying low of 3 crores. What if there was an institution to take advantage of this? Just imagine how, if by chance, a company had seen this coming and off loaded its MPs just in time. 22 crores in a matter of a few hours is amazing money to make.

What makes this such an intriguing business is that unlike other futures trading commodities, there is no proper information stream to base your decisions on. In fact you'd have to look at at least three or four different sources to get the complete picture. And the fascinating aspect is that each MP is a totally different entity. It is not like the Brent North Sea crude and the light sweet crude, which are mere divisions and are driven by the same forces. For instance while one MP would be satisfied with a couple of crores as pocket money, others might insist on a cabinet berth and one or two might have the audacity and power to insist on a CM berth. Of course, since it becomes difficult to quantify such aspirations the company will only strictly deal with those MPs who settle for cash.

While discussing this idea with a couple of people, I got a rather cold response. My brother in fact totally dismissed it by saying this is nothing new and that there is major betting going on anyways in related matters. I figured that in that precise point lies the beauty of my plan. Why not streamline all this trading and make it official so that more people can participate in it. It will give us all a chance to make money from our MPs . Isn't it time that we got at least something from electing these people to power.

So next time you have a convict elected to the Parliament do not sulk and despair at the direction in which our democracy is heading. Instead, be sure that when the time comes for some voting in the Parliament, these are the very people who would figure prominently in the futures trading circuit. And if you want to know whom to put your money on keep watching this space.


muddman said...

You realise that once it is made legal and open it wont be as much fun :) .
I have beter idea kutty... lets start a laundromat near our house.. im serious... scroo all this mp bizness

Anand said...

What da, still around and alive and writing and all. Englellam forgotten pannitae? You still have my MoodI Extemp certi btw :P

Shazz said...

Ada paavi!! Futures trading idea and all and you didn't run it by me ah??!! Kutty... evvollo varsham a namba friends da... :(

Also, i'm totally up for the laundromat. Include a video game arcade so that people(i mean me) will have something to do while waiting for the clothes... :)

srikanth said...

Once again, utilizing the fact that our ministers are no better (or worse) than our equine friends...

Where did this post fall from all of a sudden?

Hariharan Sriram said...


I mean business and therefore no qualms about the no fun part. And ya. Go ahead with the laundromat, might help in covering our investments for the washing machine.

@ anand

I am alive and writhing also. Become employed youth no. lol


considering futures first would some day grow to be my competition didn't want to involve anybody from there.


Idea for this post traces back to the KPN bus journey to trichy of which you have shared lots with your friends. lol