Tuesday, June 17, 2008

His Highness Himalayas

The other day in the course of a chat with Srikanth, he suggested that I add a few pics to spice up my blog. I declined saying it'll be akin to using "item numbers" in movies. However in order that I try something different, I have chosen to have a photoblog, a la musical. So i present to you a few photographs taken during my recent visit to a couple of hill stations in northern India.

India's answer to the Golden Gate. Considering we have answered every other gate like Watergate, Camillagate. Monicagate etc this was only due.

What you see in the picture plain rice kept in the vessels being cooked in the hot water springs at Manikaran, a place revered by Sikhs and Hindus alike. This cooked rice is the served at the Gurudwara. The pic below is the Shiva idol in the temple. The rising steam can be clearly seen. The associated legend can be found here.

Wherever you go traffic jams follow. A clear illustration are the photographs below. This one was due to a landslide the previous day which had transformed the already single lane roads into half lane ones at places.

In the above picture focus somewhere in the middle. You'll see a line of small white dots. Those aren't rocks but cars and buses. The advantages of almost all vehicles belonging to travel agencies being white, they present a great picture even during traffic jams.

And while the human beings were suffering from bouts of hunger arising out of staying stuck in the jam for 8 hours, the horses had their fill.

Talk of each photograph speaking a 1000 words, the following speak a million and in turn leave you speechless. (atleast for me. lol. )

And while most of our activities usually begin with a prayer to Lord Ganesha this blog will end with one. Fondly labelled, by myself, as the Kit Kat Pillayar, this is what arose out of fiddling around with a kit kat wrapper.


Srikanth said...

Nice work of art at the end... BTW, which hill stations are these?

Hariharan Sriram said...

Kullu and Manali. The pics of the snow clad mountains and the traffic jam were taken while on the way from Manali to Rohtang Pass.

S Balaji Srinivasan said...

Nice pics da....and the Ganesha was fantastic!!

Hariharan Sriram said...


as with all your comments I am not sure if it is meant as a kalaay or a proper comment. Since this is a public forum I would assume your statement is well intended only and acknowledge it with a thanks. :)

Rivat Hanss said...

gosh kutty! pics seem so romantic doesnt they? ;) is that a statement to ppl who read? :D