Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naan Kadavul : Aghori um Aghoram um

Those who had read this would have possibly been expecting this(not awaiting, expecting). So here goes.

What Hariharan Sriram was totally floored by: For a Bala movie the story, screenplay or the acting performances would possibly be the contenders for this, but then the winner ,hands down, are the stunt sequences. There may have only two proper fight sequences but they had an apt raw feel and the brutality of every hit sent a chill down the spine. Super Subburaya, super appu. The dialogues come a close second for being terse and meaningful. Not too many dialogues which do not create an impact. As a couple of characters say "Oru vasagam sonallum thiru vasagam sonna" and "avan romba paesa mattan , aana paesina vivaram aavum irukkum vivahaaram aavum irukkum".

What he was amazed by, but rather expectedly: Illayaraja's background score. The native feel that he's managed to bring in is something which only he can. Though slightly off key, strangely so, in a couple of places it was still the kind of music which enhances the movie. Not exactly Pithamagan levels, but infinitely better than his own magan.

What he was captivated by : In a dark movie, and this qualifies on both counts, the visuals need to be able to carry the impact and Arthur Wilson handles this more than competently. Watch out for some jaw dropping camera work in the final chase sequence and in the few moments before the interval.

What he felt let down by : The rather amateurish direction in the opening scene, giving it a soap opera feel. The poorly developed second rung of characters (barring Rudran's mother and Murugan). Although the lead pair have enhanced their acting reputations, one felt that their acting was repetitive and not as impactful as in Bala's earlier movies. The rather short screen time allocated towards the Aghori sadhus.

What he still can't get over : The acting and the screen presence of all the mentally and physically challenged people in the movie. Kudos to Bala for having utilized them as he has.

What he was pleasantly by : The humour quotient. From the scene in the police station to the one liners from Elee (a standout performance from amongst the physically challenged) Bala ensures that there are enough light moments between the emotionally heavy ones. The dialogues as earlier mentioned are a big help.

What he thinks are the standout performances : Pooja , for her acting and dialogue delivery in the last scene alone qualifies for this. The villain of the movie, (screen name Thandavan) seems to have gotten right into the skin of the character and will possibly be widely sought after in Kollywood after this. Credit to Bala for having yet again developed a very strong role for the villain. Arya can take the consolation price. :)

What he finds extremely funny : The U/A rating. Still unable to fathom which part of the movie the censor board found suitable for the U audience.

What his final verdict is : Having chosen to explore hitherto unexplored aspects , Bala manages to shock and awe and is now on his way to defining a stamp of his own, which no one can ever hope to replicate. A bit of a let down after Pithamagan though.

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srikanth said...

Interesting film and read.

Will review tomorrow...

S Balaji Srinivasan said...

What Balaji is surprised about: Your observations about Rudran's mother. He felt it was quite immature and cinematic.
What he disagrees with: Your rather lavish praise for Wilson's camera work in the final 'chase' if you can call it. None of the visuals were breath taking (they shouldn't have been), but he does agree with you on the fact that it was very apt.
What he found funny: Apart from your 'PS' and some moments in the movie is your decision to use "What Hariharan....."!!!! :)
What he agrees with: The REST

PS: If you didnt find this funny, read this.

On a more serious note, I do agree that this was a bit of a letdown after Pithamagan. But, I still do feel this is a good film in its own right. Only that it could have been better!! Surprised that Raja's songs didn't find a mention in your review.

Hariharan said...


Guess I have said enough on your review.


As much as Rudran's mother was uni-dimensional I felt she was possibly the only 'natural' character in the whole movie.

Raja's songs: Because I have a feeling they chopped off the songs when I went to watch the movie. Only Om Shiva and Pichaipathiram were part of the movie when I saw. Guess I missed the rest?

P.S And whats with the nakkal in your PS. lol.