Saturday, October 18, 2008

Landmark achieved but..

As Sachin guided the first ball after tea to third man yesterday to go past Lara's record it bought immense relief and pleasure to all cricket fans. But then there was also a tinge of disappointment in the timing and the environment in which he passed the landmark.

He got those runs against a bowler whose only possible future claim to fame would be the same. And by the way just for remembrance, his name is Peter Siddle.

He got those runs in a half empty stadium, and half of this half was filled with school children allowed free entry. This was not in a foreign nation but in our own land. I am sure people in any other country would have paid thousands to watch this moment.

He got those runs just two innings and a week after I had last seen him bat live on the cricket field. Yes, I would also have paid thousands to watch this moment. (For those who know me, this can be classified under Ripley's believe it or not)

And finally and perhaps most tragically the man on air at that time was Ravi Shastri.

Compare this with the manner in which Lara eclipsed Border's record. At Adelaide, in Border's own land. Against Glenn McGrath, perhaps the best fast bowler of our times. On air were some of the legends of Channel Nine. And the shot. With all the nonchalance in the world he walked across the stumps exposing each one of them and tucked away McGrath to fine leg.

But then Sachin never does bother about landmarks or the way they are achieved right? Yeah right!!


muddman said...

good one da kutty,
lets just hope siddle becomes a great bowler... but whatever u say sachin deserves it .

srikanth said...

Poor guy :)

Anonymous said...

Dei, the quality of the bowling was hardly Sachin's fault. Neither was Shastri. Oh and Siddle's claim to fame may actually be that his first test wicket was that of the leading run scorer in tests!

S Balaji Srinivasan said...

Guess you have been too harsh on poor Siddle. He bowled reasonably well on a lifeless wicket.
Sachin's knock was a fantastic one, considering the situation of the match.
True, the half empty stands made a very ugly sight.
And as Susa has said, Siddle and Shastri weren't quite Sachin's fault.
And by the way, giving Shaz tough competition is our own Shiv!!!

Hariharan Sriram said...


I am not saying that Sachin didn't deserve it or that he had control over all these things.. just wondering that somehow Lara seemed to have this sense of occasion which Sachin doesn't..

And btw, Balaji, Shiv has found a new fan in Ian Chappell.. tough times..

Watz said...

I think we all will surely agree that Lara break World records in style. From scoring 375 to losing it to Hayden and then sensationally smashing a six to equal the 380 only to pass it on the next delivery, Lara is the man with the guts!! But then you can't compare him with Sachin on this count because our little master has reached landmarks only in a sober manner.Rarely has he done it with a bang.

If I were to defend Sachin then I would say it was the occasion and environment which made him do it in such a simple manner. A crowd that was virtually non existent and a bowling attack which was hardly testing. :)